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Relian Mascara About us and Steps to apply

Relian Mascara sells one of the best mascaras in the market right now!

With immediate results, you will see how Relian Mascara is able to extend your eyes lashes by 300% with curls! Our combination of fibre and gel gives it the meaning of 'lenghten'. This combination we like to call them the 'Perfect Match'!

Relian Mascara is very smooth and gentle when applying. How do you apply? Simply follow the steps below for application of Relian Mascara.

Just follow the instructions as below and you will be able to extend and thicken your eye lashes up to 300%. It is instant! You will like it.

Relian Mascara Step 1
Step 1
Apply the transplanting gel on your eye lash. Next, apply the fiber from your eye lash root until end before the gel dries up.

Relian Mascara Step 1 Relian Mascara Step 1
You will realized your eye lashes have extended at least 150% and 2 times thicker.

Relian Mascara Step 2
Step 2
Continue applying the fiber at your eye lashes from one third to the end.

Relian Mascara Step 3
Step 3
Finally apply the transplanting gel to completely color the fiber and eye lashes. You will immediately see the amazing result!

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