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Relian Mascara About us and Steps to apply

Ordered your mascara but all in Chinese language? Want to print labels in your own language or directly using English Language for you to market Relian Mascara to the world? You want to print your own brand and use them on the mascara boxes and tubes?

If your answers are all "Yes!!!!!", we can help you even if you didn't buy the mascaras from us.

Other than selling mascaras all over the world, we can help you print labels in English or any other language to help you sell.

Our specialty:

1. Front Label print: This is for Black series 8039. We can print in any quantity.

2. Inside Label print: This is for Black series 8039. We can print in any quantity.

3. Back Label print: This applies to all our mascaras except Silver 8043. We can print in any quantity.

4. Tube print: This applies to all mascaras. All our mascaras come in a set of 2, so our print of labels comes in a set of 1000 pieces each. These stickers uses special materials so minimum order is 1000 stickers for each tube.

5. Flap print: This applies to Black series 8039 only. We can print in any quantity.

6. Note cards: This applies to Black series 8039, Silver series 8043, Panther series 8048,
Pink series 8041, Mascara 8053, Mascara 8103 and Mascara 8055.

What are Note Cards? This is a card that you can include together with the mascaras for additional information and even for your own contact information. It is like a business card that you can include into your mascara boxes.

7. Triangle Sticker: This applies to Black series 8039 only. This can be printed in any quantity.

8. Or any other labels you are interested in, still free to email us!

All items above are printed with the highest quality.

Email us for a FREE quote.

Below are photos of what we are describing above..

Relian Mascara Print Top sticker
Relian Mascara Top Sticker Print

Relian Maskara Triangle and Flap sticker
We can also print the above! Email us for FREE quotation!

Relian Mascara Back Sticker
We print back stickers as well! Just imagine all the Back Labels in English! and with your contact information! Email us for FREE Quote!

Relian Mascara Inside the box
Check out below for the stickers we have for the 2 tubes!

Relian Maskara Matt Polyester Sticker
These stickers are for the tubes. Matt Silver Polyester - Silver sticker which has a matt top, not so shining

Relian Mascara Bright Polyester sticker
This is Bright Silver Polyester Sticker which really reflect! You can see the reflection on the sticker!

Relian Mascara Hologram sticker
OR You can choose this sticker, Hologram sticker! Email us for your FREE Quote!


What Do We Do


We sell our mascaras all over the world!
Relian Mascaras are very well known around the world. We can give very competitive pricing for bulk purchases so that you can sell this products retail. Work with us. Talk to us. We will be happy to come up with the BEST solution for all parties!

Together with, you will look fantastic!

About Our Offers


Our response is OUR Priority!
We will response to you within 24 hours! If we don't, our personal guarantee is that we will give you an additional 5% off what you buy! (This does not include weekends. We need to rest too! )

Our Job


We send our products all over the world and our stocks sometimes will reduce quite rapidly. in fact, our latest stocks that just came in have reduced almost 50%.

We do PREBOOKING for no stock periods! Simple! Just let us know what you need, pay only 50% of the total amount and only pay the rest once our stocks are in for us to send to you!


We give you the BEST pricing!

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